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Filler Dispersion Tester Dispersion-Checker DCF50A

In the dispersion checker DCF50A, fractal dimension is applied as an image processing method.
With the image processing method, filler dispersion in compound can be measured more
quickly and accurately than the conventional method. Also this checker enables the numerical
management in the mixing process and contribute the quality improvement.


1. Dispersion value is calculated and displayed by only clicking "Measurement" after setting a sample.
2. Fractal dimension is applied for the image processing.
3. No need to enter the complicated conditions.
4. OK or NG is automatically judged by setting control values.
5. Possible to measure with high accuracy by adoption of the camera 5,000,000 pixels.
6. The white LED is adopted for high brightness and longtime usage.
7. Display the number of particles, particle size, particle distribution.
8. Human errors are completely eliminated by the autofocus function of the camera.
9. Test results are automatically saved and are output in Excel format.
10. Comparison between samples are available.

Dispersion Evaluation by Fractal Dimension

Dispersion-Checker is the equipment for method judging the picture by using Fractal.

Sample cutter

Cut surface effects significantly to the result of
measurement. The special sample cutter can be
attached as an accessory. This cutter can be used for
both vulcanized and un-vulcanized rubber. In addition,
attaching the optional sample tensioning device, some
rubber can be cut more smoothly and the good surface
condition can be earned.

Report System

Possible to see the tendecy of dispersion in“Fractal Dimension Graph” and “particle distribution map".