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Internal Mixer

Two types of internal mixer are available: tangential type MX series and intermeshing type IMX series. Both are laboratory mixer with excellent cost performance. Trying out a small sample will save valuable materials and shorten the mixing and kneading time. In addition, simulation of mixing and kneading under various conditions such as rubber, plastics and food under the same condition as the actual machine will save time and expense of material development.

Tangential Type MX series

Rotors for MX series

Banbury Type
Compounding and blending of rubber or elastomer

Roller Type
Blending of thermoplastics (e.g. Polyolefins and PVC)

Cam type
Blending of thermoplastics, elastomers or food

Intermeshing Type IMX series

Rotors for IMX series

For masterbatch preparation

For final batch preparation

Tangential & Intermeshing Type HMX series

HMX series are both available tangential type MX series and intermeshing type IMX series by replacing the chamber and rotor. The replacing is easily in a few minutes. Sample can be kneaded in various ways to find the optimum conditions for kneaded.