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Mooney Viscometer MVM11

Placing the importance on the operability and the repeatability of data, our mooney viscometer is developed. Mooney viscosity and scorch time for un-vulcanized rubber can be measured automatically with this tester.
This tester is in conformity with ISO 289, JIS K 6300-1, and ASTM D 1646 etc...


Excellent operability
The data analysis and the statistical processing are conducted on the software program of the tester. Therefore, any operators is able to use it from the introduction day without special training.

Modularizing around the die
The tester is designed to conduct daily maintenance and cleaning easily. The die, the heater, and, the temperature sensor are modularized into 1 unit and it is removed as a unit. It makes the operator to conducted maintenance and cleaning without concerning the damage to each parts.

Good temperature recovery
By adopting PID temperature controller, the tester reaches the desired test temperature in short time and the operator can save the time.

Automatic load calibration
The load calibration based on the standard (Zero point adjustment and 100M setting) can conducted automatically.

The die never closes without detecting the complete close of the safety door.

Report System

Saved mooney viscosity and mooney scorch reports are output in Excel format.