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Rotorless Curemeter for Rubber Curebase

The rotorless curemeter adopts the advanced closed biconical-die system, and realize a usability and cost performance.
This tester is in conformity with JIS K6300-2, ISO 6502, and ASTM D5289 etc...

Excellent closed biconical-die system

The closed biconical-die system is superior in sensitivity of initial vulcanization. The radial-die pattern prevents the sample slipping in the die. Also having the excellent temperature distribution and the controllability, it realizes the accuracy and the repeatability of the data.

Designed for easy operation

Just press the start button after selecting the test condition, operator name, and lot name. In case that the tests are conducted in the same condition, once the operator set the test condition, the operator can continuously measure the samples by just pressing the start button.
The cure curve and the upper and the lower die temperature are displayed on the graph and these data are plotted in real time. To compare the results easily, the cure curves are overlaid on the graph.

Making of a test result report

Normal report
Normal report displays detailed test conditions
and also indicates statistics (average, σ, CV)

Compare report
Enable to compare current data and old data.